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Who Are We?

Spanish Steps is a unique company that designs and develops step-by-step instructional materials to help maintain open lines of communication between our schools and our families that speak other languages. With English-language learners continuing to rapidly increase in the U.S., communicating with them and their families may be challenging. Spanish Steps materials immediately allow educators and other school personnel to open and maintain meaningful communication with English-language learning students and their parents.


Our workbooks are ideal for professional development workshops, ESL classes, language learning classes, conferences, seminars and related activities. The focus of our workbooks is parental involvement and open communication. Don’t be fooled by our name! We have an array of materials in other languages as well, such as Chinese, Somali, Hmong, Arabic, and Russian, just to name a few!


Our materials are designed for general, pre-school and special education teachers, school bus drivers, school nurses, front office staff, translators, interpreters and school administrators.


Our workbooks provide you with the language tools needed to:


  • a) encourage parents to be actively involved in their child’s education
  • b) participate in school-related activities
  • c) be partners in the decision-making that affects their child’s future.


Additionally, our workbooks are ideal for the parents of your ELL students. They afford them the assistance they need with their own English acquisition, (written and aural), and continually encourage them to be involved at school and an active participant in their child’s education.


Our workbooks may be used as a self-taught program, or as texts for an organized class. They are fun, simple to use and encourage step-by-step learning. They have a concise, simple design that is visually pleasing, light-hearted and fun to work with. They do not contain irrelevant vocabulary words and phrases. They do not contain complicated grammar explanations that leave you feeling confused. Both parents and school personnel can begin to immediately communicate with each other. Our workbooks are designed for all ability levels, ranging from no language background to the native speaker.


Did you know . . .

No time right now to do it yourself?
Spanish Steps offers translating services from English to Spanish for your school documents!
Do you have a last-minute letter that needs to be sent home to Mom and Dad?
How about a flyer for a special event at school?
Click on the link for details

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