Step Into English certainly has been well-received over the past three years!  Many parents have attended Latino Parent Night or a special workshop at school and have been excited to take home their very own copy of the workbook.  They’ve continued writing notes to school in English, preparing in advance for their parent/teacher conference and even filling out their own forms in English. 

Step Into English 2 is now available and picks up right where the first workbook leaves off!  David has moved on to the university, but Mr. and Mrs. Chávez continue sharing all the notes they’ve written for Ana, (now in high school), Clarita in the 4th grade, and Daniel, who has just started Kindergarten.  There are over 100 brand new comments for your Spanish-speaking parents to help them instantly communicate with you in writing. 

Just like the original workbook, Step Into English 2 is very affordable and can be a valuable resource for all your Spanish-speaking families.  Another terrific feature . . . your parents can study their workbook over and over again and as often as they wish.  It’s just another great resource for your parents to assist them with their English acquisition.