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TNTESOL Conference

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What a great time we had at Tennessee TESOL’s annual conference in Chattanooga the beginning of March.  It was great to see everyone and we felt very well-received.  Thanks to everyone for your support and see you next year!   Laura Willbur, Publisher


School Funding

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In these hard economic times everyone is cutting back.  Even with the help of stimulus dollars, budgets are still tight and every penny must be spent wisely.  One of the great aspects of Spanish Steps products is that they are all very affordable.  All of our products range from only $3.95 to $21.95.  Additionally, what a lot of schools and districts love about us is the fact that there’s no need to order a minimum amount of materials.  All of our products are priced individually.  That way, you get exactly what you need without having to purchase products that you won’t need just to meet a minimum quota.  That means no workbooks just sitting on a shelf collecting dust!  

Don’t forget that we’re also happy to work with you on pricing.  Are you writing a grant and only have so many dollars to spend?  If you need to stretch that grant money, just give us a call.  We’ll be more than happy to try to accommodate your needs AND we always enjoy hearing from you.  We’re interested in hearing about what project you’re working on now and we’re happy to offer suggestions on how to use our materials most effectively.

So, remember that during these tough economic times, you still can provide your families and school personnel with the materials they need to bridge the communication gap with the families of your English-language learners.  And, you don’t need to spend a lot in order to do so!

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