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A Step-by-Step Instructional Guide with emphasis on Speaking English at School

Includes Book and CD!

English for Mom & Dad is a 21-page workbook and audio CD that teaches your parents  the English basics they need to communicate with you at school.  Based on our popular Say Yes! To English, this workbook is very similar, but all instruction is English only.  Now parents, regardless of their native language, can have endless practice at home!  Affordable enough for each of your families, this resource will not only assist them with the very important task of speaking and understanding English at school, it will also open the lines of communication with you and encourage parental involvement.

Features of English For Mom & Dad

Basic overview of English vowels and varying sounds of the vowels.

 Example:  Consider all the different sounds of the -a:  


  Overview of consonants and varying sounds of the consonants:



  Examples of:

  • Question Words
  • Dates of U.S. holidays
  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year
  • Required School Documents
  • School Subjects & Supplies
  • Health Vocabulary
  • Family Members
  • Common Expressions
  • Numbers
  • Telling Time
  • Basic explanation of Verbs, Adjectives, Pronouns, Adverbs, Subjects & Objects
  • Over 500 SCHOOL RELATED Vocabulary Words
  • 60-minute Audio CD that includes several examples of conversations. 
    These include:


  Introducing Yourself and Family Members     ✓ Visiting School For The First Time

  Health Issues     ✓ Practicing Conversations at School     ✓ Leaving Phone Messages

  Several Dozen Questions To Practice And Ask At Your Next Parent/Teacher Conference


Check this out!

  • TEXT IS simple & clear. THERE are NO big or difficult words!
  • There are no hyphenated words in the workbook.
  • Learners are continually reminded of the broad difference between written & spoken English.
  • ALL grammar rules are simple and pertinent.
  • Audio CD will afford your parents endless practice at home!
  • All speakers on the audio CD are native U.S. English-speakers.
  • A picture glossary containing dozens of common words



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