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School Translation Services - Terms

We are available to translate school documents from English to Spanish! See below for details.


Charge: 15¢ p/word from the source language, (English).
Getting Started: Simply fax, mail or e-mail us your Purchase Order which should include the following information:


Description: Spanish translation for starting date to end date, (example, July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012).

Unit Price: Shows the amount you have allotted, (example, not to exceed $500.00).

Attn: Please include the name of your contact person(s) and/or department(s).


  1. All translations must be e-mailed to, (we prefer Word documents), and should include the name of your contact person(s) or department(s).
  2. Minimum word count: 50 words
  3. Maximum word count: 500 words
    Important Note: Our primary intent is to provide expeditious translations for last-minute needs. In order to ensure that our translators are available, we have chosen not to provide translations for large documents, such as school manuals and handbooks.
  4. We will translate any school documents in the area of:
    1. General Education
    2. Special Education
    3. Early Childhood
    4. Career-Technical Education
    5. This includes letters and other correspondence home to parents and
  5. Payment: Where applicable, we will invoice you monthly. If during any particular month you have not used our service, you will not receive an invoice.


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